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About Nevco Steel

We get a lot of questions about our steel and its limitations so let me take a moment to explain. All of our contact surfaces are 3/8 inch thick AR500 steel (unless otherwise indicated) that is certified by the mill and guaranteed by Nevco to perform as stated. As a general rule, our AR500 targets will withstand repeated hits with all non-magnum, non-armor piercing and non-steel core pistol ammunition. They will also stand up to rifle calibers with the same standards that are traveling under 3000 feet per second UPON IMPACT. There are some exceptions to this rule and those are dealt with in the product descriptions of the individual targets on this site. Certain rounds are specifically disallowed and include 450 Bushmaster, 50 Beowulf, 458 Socom, 50 BMG, any and all XM193 and M855. This ammunition will not only void the warranty but will also damage the target surface and eventually render it unsafe. If you shoot a round at a target of ours and it craters the surface then you have done something wrong not to mention defeating armor plate. Nevco does not in any way guarantee the bullet resistance nor the welding of AR500 due to the variations in types of ammo used or range distance.

Do yourself a favor and if there is a question about ammo please give us a call. If you decide to test the ammo on the steel SHOOT ONE ROUND and check the surface. Don't shoot a whole mag before checking. We recommend that our targets be shot at a minimum of 15 yards with pistol calibers (with the exception of Steel Challenge targets which are designed to be shot at the distances indicated in the stage descriptions with a maximum 140 power factor loads) and a minimum of 50 yards with rifle calibers. Remember that splatter dissipates in a pattern parallel to the target surface and when used as designed our targets will not throw anything back at the shooter. Do not place anything within this pattern that you do not want destroyed. Feel free to give us a call with individual questions.

Those of you who know us know that we do not discuss our competitors much less trash their products. All we say is that before you purchase steel targets that you educate yourself as to what you are buying. As mentioned above, our target surfaces are CERTIFIED AR500 steel. Some targets on the market are comprised of AR400 steel even though advertised otherwise. Official Steel Challenge rules specify that all ammunition used in official Steel Challenge matches meet a maximum power factor of 140. In this instance AR400 steel will hold up just fine for a time but should it be shot with major power ammo or rifle the difference will be become readily evident. Most likely the steel will quickly begin to dimple or "taco" causing a potentially unsafe situation for the shooter as well as any bystanders. Also be very leery of any targets that feature protrusions such as bolt heads or hangers on the target face. This is generally acceptable on rifle targets that are intended to be shot at distances past 25 yards. On pistol and particularly Steel Challenge targets shot at closer ranges with these protrusions we have witnessed several injuries of shooters and bystanders at some major matches and is generally an unsafe practice.

We have heard that on targets that are the same on both sides that it is sometimes recommended that once the primary target surface has become sufficiently dimpled or "tacoed" that the target be turned around and the back side used as a secondary target surface. This will certainly double the life of the target but is very UNSAFE. As stated the splatter dissipates parallel to the target surface and in the case of these convex surfaces splatter will be directed back at the shooter. Shooters or bystanders safety is not worth the minor savings of doing so.

We at Nevco are dedicated to providing our friends and customers with the highest quality and safest targets on the market at affordable prices. You may find cheaper prices but is it really worth sacrificing quality for a few dollars? Particularly in this economy we want you to get exactly what you are paying for, quality targets at affordable prices. Remember we shoot for fun and entertainment and inferior products at reduced prices are neither fun nor entertaining. Our products are carried by two of the largest firearms related retailers, Midway USA and Brownells. These prestigious companies do not and will not carry inferior products so that in and of itself should help attest to the quality of genuine Nevco products. Buy the best, buy Nevco and thanks for your business!

Nevitt Morton
Nevco Targets

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