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3 Gun Targets

With the increasing popularity of 3 Gun competition and Sonnys involvement in it, we are now offering a few new targets as well as some old favorites that we feel are perfect for the sport or for practice targets.

(These are our automatic resetting miniature targets. A custom made spring allows them to lean back momentarily for positive feedback and then pop back up for your next shot. It does this instantaneously in time for you to shoot. Available in four styles to meet the needs of competitors as well as varmint hunters. Target surface is 3/8 inch thick AR500 steel and all shapes are approximately 15 inches tall. All four shapes have been designed to withstand projectiles up to 168 grain 308 rounds. These targets are designed to attach to the Porta-popper stand or Porta-popper rack described below. Please keep in mind that 3/8 inch AR500 is designed to withstand non-magnum, non-armor piercing rifle and pistol rounds traveling under 3000 feet per second upon impact.)
8 inch plate
Speed plate
$99.00 each
*Porta-popper Stand
(This is our stand for the Porta-poppers. It is made of carbon steel and is heavy enough to keep the target anchored. It positions the target approximately 7 1/2 inches off the ground to get it above high grass and will work with all four styles.)
*Porta-popper Rack
(This rack is designed to hold your choice of three Porta-poppers and is both modular and although heavy is still quite portable. It comes apart into its five pieces in seconds and will fit in your trunk for your next trip to the range. The front deflector plate is 3/8 inch thick AR500 steel so any misses hit the ground harmlessly. The price does not include your choice of Porta-poppers which are bolted on and can be changed in minutes to create your own custom rack.)
Nevco Long Range Rifle Target see video
(Classified by most as a flash target, this particular unit features two 8 inch 3/8 AR500 plates mounted in a 90 degree angle from each other. Shoot the white one and the orange one shows you that you hit. If you ever wear one out (unlikely) they are interchangeable. This unit is extremely portable and breaks down into three pieces for transport. The assembled size is 57x24x18.5 and the shipping weight is 40 pounds.

When assembled the target surface is approximately 8 inches off of the ground or 12 inches to the center. We gave one of these to our friend Todd Jarrett to torture test and to quote him, "This is my favorite portable rifle target". That is certainly enough endorsement for us. The YouTube video above shows the action of the target when struck by a 150 grain 308 bullet. The range is 50 yards, the extent of our video equipment but not of the target. Naturally the harder it is hit, the more orange you will see. We do however, recommend using a spotter past 200 yards.)

It seems that some of our customers rifles are suffering from an affliction that will not allow them to hit where they are aimed. Therefore we are offering replacement parts as follows:

8 inch AR500 plates (each)
Legs (per set of two)
Shaft (with end stop)
Locking collars (with bolt)
End collar (with bolt)
Pivot (that the plates are attached to)

Large pepper popper
(This is our standard 42 inch popper with the deluxe stand. It measures 46.5x11x5 in the folded position. The popper itself is 42 inches of 3/8 inch thick AR500 steel and is available separately should the need arise. Total weight in either position is 55 pounds. The stand really makes this one shine. It is lightweight, locks the popper in the down position for transport and has a "T" handle for fast and easy calibration. This is one of only two official pepper poppers as listed in the USPSA rule book under Appendix B4. Any other pepper poppers will render any classifer stages illegal under USPSA rules.)
With Deluxe Stand
Popper only
Small pepper popper (down)
(This is our standard 28 inch popper with the same deluxe stand as the large one but scaled down to fit the smaller popper. It measures 32x9x4 in the folded postion and like its larger counterpart, locks in that positon for easy transport. In the up position it measures 26x9x28 and features the same T-handle calibrator as the larger popper. Total weight in either position is 25 pounds. The popper itself is 28 inches of 3/8 inch AR500 steel and is available seperately should the need arise.)
With Deluxe Stand
Popper only

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